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Bernie Marsden

Bernie Marsden is one of the UK’s finest rock and blues guitarists of all time. His career started in 1972 in Buckingham, England.

Bernie’s work includes time spent as a session musician and in bands such as UFO, Wild Turkey, Paice Ashton Lord and Whitesnake.

Over the decades Bernie has played alongside some of the greatest rock and roll musicians of all time, including Robert Plant, Paul Weller, being part of the Ringo Starr Band, Cozy Powell and Joe Bonamassa.

He has toured the world and is one half of the writing duo responsible for the monster hit ‘Here I go again’… The other half being David Coverdale from Whitesnake.

As Bernie celebrates the paperback release of his book ‘Where’s My Guitar- An Inside Story Of British Rock And Roll’…  and gears up for getting back out on the road playing shows this summer…. I caught up with him to talk about the ups and downs of his incredible career.

He explains the history behind his legendary 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar, AKA The Beast, and reveals the first song he learnt how to play, which millions of us hear on U.K. TV most weeknights!


Adam Parsons – Siren Artist Management

This weeks episode was recorded back in March when Elysa chatted with with Adam Parsons from Siren Artist Management.

Adam is based in Los Angeles and he and his team are responsible for some of the biggest Classic Rock acts in music today, with heavy hitters Saxon, Thin Lizzy, Europe, Diamond Head and Uriah Heep on their roster.


Robert Hart – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band

This weeks guest on the road to rock podcast is British vocalist and song writer Robert Hart.

Robert’s career has seen him grace stages and recording studios as part of The Distance, Bad Company and The Jones Gang, and for the past 10 years Robert has been the lead singer of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.

Robert has worked on various group and solo projects over the years which have led him to collaborate with the likes of Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood, Andy Taylor form Duran Duran, Company Of Snakes with Bernie Marsden and FM’s Steve Overland and Jim Kirkpatrick.

His songwriting career took him to the USA where he was the first English writer to be signed to Disney owned Hollywood records.
Robert worked on soundtracks for movies and even stepped in for the odd cameo role.

Aside from spending the past decade touring the world with Manfred Mann, Robert worked on his own solo albums, releasing his most recent one, Pure, in February 2020.
He called on his rock buddies Steve Overland and Hollywood Vampire Tommy Denander to help record and produce the album which has resulted in 12 tracks of unique pop rock.

Robert was on the rock meets classic tour in Europe with Alice Cooper and Thunder when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, forcing the remaining tour dates to be abandoned.

I originally recorded Robert’s interview a few weeks ago but due to technical issues we had to re-record it this week.
I invited Robert to the Hot Radio studios in Poole to discuss the highs and lows of his multi decade career and hear how he came to be the front man of bands he admired growing up.

Robert’s Fishbowl Roulette episode is at the end of his interview…

Warning – This episode contains content about substance misuse some listeners may find triggering.


Dylan & Kazuki – Dylan ‘N’ Alice

Hello Los Angeles… This is London calling… Being signed by Michael Jackson’s cousin and Beyonce’s dad… Band members having seizures and falling off stage… playing YouTube pranks on cops and appearing on reality TV… This week’s episode of the Road To Rock Podcast is with Dylan Leonte and Kazuki Tokaji from LA based band Dylan ‘N’ Alice.